What is the difference between Kodak Verite 5 and 5XL ink cartridges?


Kodak Verite 5 ink cartridges come in two varieties; the standard capacity and the ‘XL’ high capacity, but what’s the difference?

Despite the name, both the Kodak Verite 5 and the 5XL have exactly the same external dimensions. The key difference between the two is the amount of ink which is contained within, and therefore, the number of pages which can be printed before changing the cartridge.

The standard capacity Kodak 5 black cartridge has an approximate page yield of 200 pages, where as high capacity Kodak 5XL black ink cartridge will print double that – 400 pages.

The same is also true of the tri-colour Kodak Verite 5 cartridges. The standard capacity Kodak 5 tri-colour cartridge will print up to 180 pages, with the high capacity 5 XL cartridge printing 360 pages.

Will Kodak 5XL cartridges fit my printer?

This is a common question, as the name of the cartridge implies that it will be physically bigger than a standard ink cartridge.

In fact, a Kodak 5XL cartridge will fit any printer that takes the standard capacity cartridges. Currently all Kodak 5 cartridges work across the whole range of Kodak Verite printers, so if you usually use Kodak 5 ink cartridges, then you can also use the 5XL variety with out issue.